TRacy High School Science Olympiad Invitational

Welcome to Tracy High School Science Olympiad Invitational Division C

When:  January 19, 2019

Division C Science Olympiad teams are invited to participate in the Tracy High Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament.

Where:  Tracy High School, 315 E 11th St, Tracy, CA 95376

Cost: $120.00 per team

Number of Teams:  We are accepting registration forms for 16 Division C teams.  Each school can register up to 2 teams.  Entrance will be based on the date payment is received.

Running Events:  Each competing team will be responsible for running an event, i.e. if you are bringing two teams then you will need to run two events.  This includes writing the tests, bringing all necessary equipment and materials for the event, scoring the tests, etc.  Please ensure you have a strong event supervisor available for any event you are volunteering to run.  All event supervisors must submit a digital copy of their events (tests and answer keys) one week prior to the tournament. 

Further Info:  Once your team/s are signed up you will receive notices to check back here for updates.  

The test and keys will be put on a flash drive to be given to each school after the awards ceremony.  Each team will receive a folder containing all the tests that were given at the tournament.

Events:  All 23 events will be offered.

Rules:  All rules for Science Olympiad competitions apply.

Registration is closed.  No more teams can be accepted.

**A Google Doc has been set up for team advisors to select time slots for the sign up events.  The link was emailed on 1/9/19.

Link to Room Assnignment Map

Link to Registration Form

Link to Combined Sched 1 and 2

Link to Schedule 1 for the following schools: Tracy, Notre Dame, Mountain House, Albany, Monta Vista, Oakdale, Lincoln, Dublin, Foothill

Link to Schedule 2 for the following schools: Lynbrook, Milpitas, Mission San Jose, College Prep, Evergreen Valley, Irvington, West, Lodi and all other schools that join

Link to Event managers list as of 11/07/18


Please direct all questions to Ken Wedel at